HHA is a charter school. HHA will offer viable opportunities in order that parents will be directly engaged in tutoring, coaching, preparing resource materials, and providing other necessary and invaluable assistance. To achieve HHA’s goals, each family is strongly encouraged to volunteer a total of 30 hours per school year (30 hours for the 1st child and an additional 10 hours for any additional children, not to exceed 40 hours total for the school year; single parents will only be required to volunteer half of these hours).

In order to receive credit, all hours must be logged by the parent on a form that can be obtained from your child’s teacher, or the front office, and then turned in to your child’s teacher.

To record your hours please download the VOLUNTEER HOURS PARENTS LOG FORM by clicking HERE


HHA is excited to have the Raptor system to screen volunteers and visitors. Visitors must bring in a government issued ID and give to the office staff to be scanned. Each and every visitor is instantly screened against the registered sex offender databases in all fifty states and a criminal background check is also ran. When a visitor is cleared, a badge is printed for the visitor to wear at all times while in the building and/or when in contact with students during school hours. A new badge must be issued each day. Once an ID has been scanned, it will remain in the system and can be looked up by name in future visits.   

IMPORTANT: Please email or otherwise communicate with your child's teacher to coordinate with his/her needs. All email addresses can be found on our website on the Faculty page.

volunteer needs


We need you! We need three volunteers for both Drop Off and Pick Up. The more people we have to open doors and direct traffic, the faster we can clear the queue!