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"What I like about HHA is the uniforms. I like them because that way no one can make fun of what you’re wearing since we are all wearing something similar!" – 5th grade student

"What I like about HHA is a lot of things. My two personal favorite things are Latin and P.E. I love how we have learned cursive, too. I’ve learned so much of every subject in this school. History used to be one of my worst subjects and now it’s one of my best. I loved how the teachers here try to push everyone forward to get better grades. That is what I like about HHA." -5th grade student

"I like HHA because we learn about history. I also like the cool science." - Third Grade Student

"HHA is an amazing school because my old school never had Riggs, ability groups or after school clubs." –Third Grade Student

"HHA is a great school because I can read better now. I like HHA because I like Art!" - Third Grade Student

"HHA is an extraordinary school because we have Latin. I love Latin!" - Third Grade Student

"HHA is an awesome school because we get to learn Latin! I like HHA because we get to learn a lot in every subject." – Third Grade Student

"HHA is an extraordinary school because we have cool subjects. I like HHA because we use special programs so we can learn at our level." - Third Grade Student

"HHA is a safe environment where your child will receive a great education. Your teachers will respect you and provide you with the materials you need to learn. I love wearing uniform every day to school! You will leave with great knowledge and will be part of the creation of a great school!"-5th Grade Student

"I love HHA. Our daughter Mimi is a very intelligent young girl but has always struggled academically. HHA has provided a confidence building environment for her to learn. Learning is building blocks, block upon block, building a foundation strong enough for the next layer. That is what HHA has done for her. Her foundation academically has become stronger." -Melissa Aguirre

"We love HHA! My second grade son is academically motivated and I know he is being challenged at his level. For the first time he's excited to go to school. Parents at this school are committed to children receiving an excellent education and work to enhance the daily learning environment. There is an excitement and buzz everywhere you go in the school. We are thrilled to be a part of this community!" -Carrie Brady

"I have three kids at the school and I am very impressed with the kindness shown to my kids. The teachers are invested in the daily lives of the kids. My kids are happy and want to go to school. The leadership wants parent involvement and we have a say as parents through surveys, committees, and a very approachable board of directors." -Theresa Cochron

"Our family loves Heritage Heights Academy! The curriculum goes beyond our expectations, and works well with both of my kids who have totally different learning styles and strengths. From Latin, to Robinson Crusoe, to a second grade production of the Christmas Carol, my kids are receiving a classical education that, in my opinion, far exceeds what we could receive anywhere else. I love the community feel of involved and caring parents, and it’s just a really diverse, great bunch of kids! We feel so lucky to be able to attend Heritage Heights Academy!" -Brandi Sessions